Rotten Brain Creations, is the Rotten Brainchild of Musician/Producer/Editor Phil Varone. "Rotten Brain," a self-proclaimed nickname, fitting in regard to his creative approach.



Phil, an accomplished drummer with a thirty plus year career, has worked with some of the worlds biggest bands and artists. He brings expert knowledge of the music industry, including video production, product promotion, and image rebranding.



Along the way, Varone produced the 2006 Documentary "Waking Up Dead" and is currently editing and producing the follow-up documentary "30yrs a drummer."

The jump from drummer to an editor was not a big leap at all. Frustrated by editors and their lack of understanding of Phil's ideas, he decided to learn it himself.  As an editor, Phil has over fifteen years experience winning best editing awards in different genres, as well as producing and editing music videos, product promotional spots, band EPK's, memorial slide shows and sizzle reels that have landed television deals.

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The reality of an ever-changing world of technology has many re-rethinking about a new approach to business in order to capitalize. With technology comes a great opportunity to promote music, movies, products, and oneself. Combining thirty years of music knowledge, with fifteen years of editing knowledge, Phil created a company focused on producing, and editing new ideas.

Rotten Brain Creations  takes pride in an outside-the-box approach, delivering new and original ideas allowing our clients to capitalize and succeed in this ever-changing world.